Penelope’s Song

A Seventeenth Century Tale for a Twenty-First Century World

Carol J. DeMars

Penelope’s Song delves into the seventeenth century golden age of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, unique in its support for the liberty of conscience, what we call freedom of religion embedded in our Constitution.

“Whether she’s recreating the story of legendary women from history or the fictional drama of an overlooked time in centuries past, Penelope’s Song is an exciting journey into the unknown. There is always a secret to uncover behind the portrait, a mystery to explore within the legend, a hidden motivation under the fact. Carol DeMars writes historical fiction for the same reason that I read it: because we crave the emotion of the past and enjoy learning about forgotten moments in time that have guided and carried us all to where we are today.”
– Genevieve DeMars

Carol DeMars_author of Penelope's Song

About the Author

Carol DeMars graduated from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. A sociology major interested in social change, she also studied the Bible, European church history, and the growth of American churches during colonial and pioneer periods.

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